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Having a combined experience of almost thirty five years in the driveway and construction industry, The Bristol Cobblestone Co Ltd, have untold knowledge of all the different driveway surfaces and the benefits and pitfalls of each and every one of them. As a company, we firmly believe in the advantages and benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete, over and above any other hard standing surface. This product has been a huge success in the states and is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with some major commercial projects such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, McDonalds Restaurants and 'KFC' benefitting from this system.

As one of the leading Pattern Imprint specialists our aim and focus is to constantly improve our levels of quality workmanship and good customer service, in order to maintain our good reputation.Our company aspires to bring that personal touch to the individual. We work step by step with the client, ensuring that the thoughts and inspirations that the client values are adhered to. Working with the client to bring their vision to reality

Registered under the CCS in the construction industry and also Multi skilled in bricklaying and screeding.

Out team bring multi skilled tradesmen, allowing us to fulfil all aspects of the required job. Driveways, patios and pathways, also building walls, steps, flowerbeds, drainage systems, etc. This maintaining high standards and a consistency in the high quality of work.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a stylish, durable and stain resistant product that will enhance your property, adding value, as well as creating a low maintenance workable area, whether this is a driveway, patio or pathway.The Pattern Imprinted Concrete eliminates weeding and moss growth, thus eliminating time consuming tidying and reducing slipping, allowing you more time to enjoy your new space. The driveway, patio or path is finished in either a gloss or matt finish sealer. There is also an anti-slip agent that can be added for further grip. Our sealers are tested by the ministry of transport for their skid resistant values and pass to the recommendations required.

We use a CAD design suite to enable us to show you how your work would appear in true before work commences. Taking a picture of your property and incorporating the finished driveway, patio or path style and colour, walls, flower beds, even the flowers and trees. Whatever is required to bring your vision to reality.